information about westpoint ring 1964 ??


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Dec 10, 2007
We (my father in law) and i have a question.
He has a ring (for over 20 years now), and i have seen on the westpoint-site, that this is a ring off the USMA class of 1964.
We live in Holland, and we don't know how the ring was coming over here.
There is no discription in the ring, but its the same ring that is displayed on the 1964 listing.
Is there enyone who can tell us the history about this ring.

With geetings from Holland.

There might be a West Point grad out there looking for it right now...and he's an even year, so you know he's respectable.

It's crazy where these rings pop up. An officer I knew lost his first ring in Pensacola at flight school, then lost his ring in Vietnam, and got BOTH of them back...