Injured AROTC Cadet, now what?


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Dec 13, 2007
Still trying to find some answers and get a clearer picture. As an AROTC parent this forum is basically the only place to learn from other parents or cadets experience. I know there is a forum for Academy Parents, but not for ROTC parents... Maybe something to consider...
Anyway what happens when a cadet gets injured during training ?
My cadet is not getting much in term of answers besides well wishes and "do what you need to get better" type of thing from her PMS. The injury is treatable: 6 weeks of intense physical therapy. She cannot do regular PT (goes to the gym instead and does upper body work).
What does "profiling" mean?
Will she have to go through the DODMERB to requalified?
Is her scholarship in jeorpardy?
Who should be paying for her care?

No one seems to give her any specifics.
So if anyone has experience (cadet or parent) with such a similar event their imput would be GREATELY appreciated (don't mean to be pushy:smile:)
This forum has been a great source of infos and support and i think that is the goal of such a forum. Other AROTC parents out there? Would be great to hear from you!:wink:
I personnaly find that ROTC is so unique because our cadets are evolving in a college environement. They do not have the typical structured environement of an Academy. It has its up and down sides. Parents do not have any type of association or support groups an Academy provides, so we are (at least that is the way i feel) left in the dark, hoping that our 18 year olds handle some of those delicate situations on their own:yllol: yeah, anyone with an 18 year old ??? Let say that they still have some large amount of maturing to do.
Sorry for the long post. Hoping to get answers and make contacts and maybe new friends in the same "boat" as I...:smile:
1. Profiling - if she is on a medical profile then she is "excused" from PT. In the Army this is a direct legal order. Not only is she excused but she MAY NOT participate.
Normally a medical profile comes from a physician. Not sure how this works in ROTC.

2. No - she is done with DoDEMRB. DoDMERB is only for entry. There will be a commissioning physical.

3. Her scholarship should not be in jeopardy - I don't know what the rules are though. Sounds like a "minor" injury from which she will fully recover.

4. Paying for her care. You got me. I would think that if she did this as a ROTC cadet the Army should be giving her care. I would call Cadet command if you can't get an answer from her PMS.

Good Luck - I hope she gets well.
Thank you for responding! It is actually comforting info. As far as Cadet Command, how do you contact them? I went on the website but i did not found any info there.