injury pt 2


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Jul 12, 2016
I broke my wrist 4 weeks prior to i-day. I was granted a waiver but it said "check on entry". Does anyone have experience with this? I heard there was a possibility of getting a blue belt, but I was curious how often they send "check on entry" cadets home.
Any time you have a waiver, they "check on entry". My DD had a torn ACL. I think all they did was ask her to do a couple of squats. Not a big deal.
USNA doesn't use that official team but they pretty much do this on I Day when they send some new Plebes through them to be double checked. It's usually a cursory review of records, range of motion, how does it feel.
Plus, if your wrist bothers you during the first part of BCT, you could always go to the clinic and get a Form 18 to have some restrictions so you let it have more time so it's not overused, etc. Be careful with this because you don't want doctors thinking that it could actually take longer than usual to not be bothered by it, but playing safe is always a good idea if it does bother you- nothing to be ashamed of by having a F-18 and blue belt, as long as you're putting out in everything that you can do it's all good (leg exercises, minimal arm, knowledge). I had a blue belt for no running for almost half of basic...because I fell off my bunk bed and almost broke my toe. I just really put out during knowledge and anything I could during that time. So don't feel bad! Just a piece of advice if you run across it hurting during basic.