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    Hello everyone. I got some interesting e-mails today and I was wondering if someone on here could clarify them. I'm a bit confused.

    So today I got a couple e-mails saying that I was offered an Ike Skelton ECP Scholarship offer.

    The e-mail goes ...

    You have been selected to receive an Ike Skelton Early Commissioning Program Scholarship Offer to participate in the Early Commissioning Program(ECP) and attend one of our five Military Junior Colleges(MJC) (school contact info in attachment on page 7).

    The ECP scholarship program allows the cadet the opportunity to attend a Military Junior College, receive scholarship benefits and commission after 2 years instead of the traditional 4 year ROTC program. After the cadet commissions they may attend any 4 year institution affiliated with Army ROTC to complete their Baccalaureate (BS/BA) degree and receive an additional 2 years of financial assistance while pursuing their BA/BS degree. You will receive the actual offer letter in the mail within the next 7 to 10 days. Additionally you may get an alert on your application when the offer letter uploads, however your status will not change to "Winner" until you complete the actions in the attached instructions.

    Steps ahead.

    1. Offer letters have been mailed with the attached instructions and are being uploaded to your applications. You may check your applications.

    2. If you wish to accept the offer, then provide your response to me or US Army Cadet Command NLT 15 January 2016.

    3. If you have questions about the individual MJCs, I would recommend contacting them using the contact info in the winner instructions attached.

    4. If you have questions about the offers or the ECP program in general simply reply here or at my contact info below; I am serving as the POC for these scholarship offers for US Army Cadet Command.

    "Understand you may have many questions about these scholarship offers. Here
    are a few Frequently Asked Questions about the ECP program and these
    scholarship offers, additional information was in the winner instructions.

    Q1. Does this scholarship offer mean I will not get another offer after the
    upcoming scholarship boards?
    A1. If you accept this offer then you will no longer compete for a 4 year
    scholarship. If you decline the offer then you will continue to compete
    until all boards have been concluded. You may or may not get another
    scholarship offer in our subsequent boards.

    Q2. Is ECP the same ROTC program as the 4 year ROTC program I applied for?
    A2. This ECP program is also a 4 year program only the cadets are
    commissioned after gaining their associates degree and completing all ROTC
    training requirements at an MJC, then immediately attend a follow on 4 year
    institution to complete their Undergraduate Degree. Adddtionally, cadets
    falling under the ECP program may receive up to 4 years of financial
    assistance, just as if receiving a 4 year scholarship at a 4 year ROTC
    program; Two years while a cadet at the MJC and 2 years at their follow on
    schools while Lieutenants.

    Q3. What follow on school may I attend?
    A3. Any of the 1000+ Army ROTC affiliated schools. You can attend any school
    that is affiliated with ROTC to include the Ivy Schools, private
    institutions, or state schools.

    Now I've heard from previous posts that ECP is not really that good and there are more issues created from it then it's worth. The fact that ECP doesn't usually get active duty slots doesn't bother me however. I'm perfectly fine with being in the national guard or reserves.

    1. Do you think I should reject the offer? Is there a good chance that if I got this scholarship, I could get a 4 year or 3 year? My schools were Citadel, Norwich, North Georgia, UCONN, Niagara and one more school. ( I'll post my stats)

    Rank 3/265 out of senior class
    3 jobs - Life guarding, waiter and landscaping
    In Marching/Concert/Jazz Band at high school, also drill instructor for my marching band'
    Boys State Delegate
    AIM 2015 Graduate
    Representative for High school at Board of Ed meetings
    National Honor Society
    Spanish National Honor Society
    Altar Server
    Various volunteer work
    Varsity Boys Swimming
    Varsity Boys Tennis
    JV Boys Soccer
    Academic Mentor for freshman
    AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Environmental, AP English 3
    Calculus AB/AP, Calculus BC/AP, Physics C: Mechanics AP/UCONN
    Physics C: Elec. & Mag. AP/UCONN, AP English 4
    AP Scholar
    Fluent in Polish
    Learning Spanish
    Master of Ceremonies
    I don't remember PFA scores but they were really good.

    2. Is it hard to transfer credits and what not to a 4 year college to get my bachelors?

    It seems to me that some people like this program and other people don't like it. I've never even heard of this scholarship until today. Again, I would really like to get a 4 year or 3 year scholarship but I wouldn't really mind using this one. And not having a big chance at active duty doesn't throw me away from it. Thank you
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    I feel also like this offer is being pushed. I have to respond before the next board meets. Maybe if I was competitive enough to get this scholarship, I can get one round two or three?
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    My daughter received the exact same letter today and we had the same questions. She looks exceptional on paper except that she was injured a week before her PFA (in a cast) and at the advice of a PMS, she walked and did what few pushups/situps she could. This gave her the opportunity to be boarded for the first round and with the letter from her coach explaining the situation, everyone seemed to think she would miss the first round but be highly competitive for the second and third. The PMS who did her interview has tried at great lengths to get her to attend that school.

    You have a lot of AP classes (my daughter did dual enrollment) so what we were told is that a lot of time in junior college would be spent either taking the same classes again or wasting time with anything just to bide time. Your resume looks similar to hers, my concern is that you would be miserable in a junior college environment.

    My question, like you, is does this mean that you are a top candidate and have a strong chance for a 3 or 4 year offer?

    Here is what people have posted on my earlier questions.

    Congrats for getting this far and it is awesome to get recognized!

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