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Jan 11, 2008
DS is having a hard time finding an internship for next summer. Any ideas?
conveniently, the Sea Fair is scheduled for this coming wednesday, and is reportedly a great opportunity to investigate and pursue internships. your DS should probably be getting about 3 million emails per week about it, just like i am:biggrin:
DS is out at sea and won't be able to get this info now thru the upcoming Sea Fair. Is the Sea Fair offered for the B-Splitters when they come back? Any recommendations as to when during the year B splitters should try to take on their internship?:wink:
Our son was not having a lot of luck with the internship so we helped him find something the old fashioned way. We basically looked in the phone book! I will preface this by saying that we live in the Puget Sound area so we are not lacking in maritime opportunities. We Googled a bunch of interesting companies in the area and then found names and addresses. Time was an issue also so our son stuck to tug boat companies. He wrote and sent letters to five or six companies and ended up on a tug and barge headed to Alaska supporting the fishing villages. When he got back I told him that most people spend a lot of money to take an Inside Passage cruise to Alaska and he got to go for free. The company he was with had never had a cadet in the past, but one of the senior mangers was a KP grad and that definitely helped.
Try this one:
Maersk Line, Ltd.
One Commercial Place
20th Floor
Norfolk, VA 23510-2103

Write a letter attention to Mr. Dennis Houghton.

My DS did his internship there in July and my husband is Master on a MLL vessel.
If push comes to shove ATR's can also help set up internships. I did mine with Coscol Marine in Houston. Had a good two weeks and did all the planning while at sea.
I've sai it before on this subject - a great place to start if you are having trouble getting an internship that interests you is with the local USMMA Alumni Chapter in the locality that you wish to do the internship in. The larger Chapters often have a committee whose responsibilities include supporting and encouraging local companies to participate in the Internship program; for the smaller Chapters just start with the current Chapter President.

It seems to me that at least to some degree the Department of Professional Development and Shipboard Training want the quest for a good and useful internship to also at least in part and parcel teach the midshipman the process for finding career opportunities and the importance of taking personal responsibility for it. I think that is a good thing and idea. That said using the Kings Point network that both graduates and midshipmen are part of isn't contrary to these parallel objectives,
Is obtaining an internship a matter of first come first serve or do you need to produce a resume of excellent grades along with recommendations. In other words, will M/N who are in the bottom of class academically, have a more difficult time finding any type of internship?
I've never heard of a company asking for a transcript or anything similar to set up an internship.
When do they start looking for internship? Example, class of 2014, when do they need to start looking?
Also, is the internship you guys are talking about different from working on the ships or is this the same?
The internship is part of their SECOND sea year, is usually shore-based, and lasts 2-6 weeks The idea is to find something that matches up with their interests. They should be thinking about what they might like to do, then talk to others (fellow mids, instructors, coaches, alumni groups, deck or engineering officers they meet on their first sea year, etc.) and get some ideas. Once they have an idea what kind of internship they would like to do, they can start making contacts and getting approval of their ATR.