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    I know for the air force academy as well as the naval academy you have to do an interview. From my understanding the one for west point is optional, so I was just curious as to how much of a factor this is to admissions. Also to set one up should I just email my Liaison? Lastly, when would be the latest date I could effectively do an interview because I am currently a college freshman and I just discovered my Liaison for my state is in the city I am in college in, but I am going home for Winter Break in 2 days. Would it still be beneficial to do an interview when I got back around Jan 10th? Thanks!
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    From what I understand, the admissions officer rates applicants on a "Candidate Potential" scale. You get either a ye or a ne (I'm grossly oversimplifying that scale, btw).
    I believe MALOs are asked to interview their candidates with "high potential" (? I can't really remember the verbiage). Sometimes they just interview all the candidates, sometimes they don't.

    Basically, it can help you if you do it well. I would recommend asking your MALO as just a "Does West Point require an interview?" question. Ace the interview and get an extra check on your application.

    This is what my District Coordinator told me.
    A caveat to this: they will NOT tell you what your candidate potential is! So don't ask! (I just thought it was funny that he added that line when I asked why I received an interview :shake:)

    Best of luck!

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