Intro - Mom of Marine-to-be


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Nov 2, 2007
Greetings All - I'm a Mom with a son determined to become a Marine. A number of you have been very helpful over on the CC forum and this forum seems like a great complement.

Son has been referred to the Foundation program by USNA Admissions, so potential Class of 2013 at USNA. Paperwork from Foundation is due soon so son will be trying to figure out which of all those schools he should put down as 'preferences'.

NROTC Scholarship recruiters are pitching 'normal' college experience as well. Acceptances to University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Arizona, and Oregon State in hand.
If he simply wants to be an officer and doesn't care how he gets there, NROTC is a great choice. Also, they are able to make nominations out of their ranks each year to the service academies. In any case, they make a great backup plan.

If he is set on USNA, Foundation is a great program. He is in the system. The appointment is his to lose. The schools are great. They WILL prepare them for plebe year. Virtually all who accept foundation, barring stupid choices during the prep year, will become Plebes.

All the schools are good or they would not be on the list. Some are military with their perceived rinky dink rules. Some are expensive. I have had personal experience with MMI and NMMI as have other parents on this forum. Both are good and very cost effective. Both are military.

Good luck.
Hawaiimom - your son is in a great position with super choices.

USNA69 is right - NROTC is a great way to becoming a Marine officer.

As you and your son learn more about his choices he will that he has no bad choices. There are pros and cons to either going to foundation prep and then USNA or going to one of his fine universities that have accepted him and NROTC.
This forum has parents/mids with experience with both routes. You and he will get the support you need regardless of which route he decides to take!