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    Hey everyone,

    My name is Brandon and I am currently a Midshipmen in the class of '17. I was a open water/long distance swimmer and am now on the club water polo team.

    Going through the application process I know there was a lot of questions that general forums didn't answer and things that B&G Officers were not allowed to tell me (like how to ace the B&G Interview :thumb: ). So I figured I would see if anyone would like help with application questions, or since I just finished plebe year, if anyone has any questions about what plebe year is like.

    Also I am going to be a detailer for NASS this year (2014) so if anyone has any questions or concerns about it (such as the CFA) don't hesitate to ask me a question or something.

    I'll try to start a more visible forum elsewhere on this site but hope it helps.

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