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    Hello all. I've been reading the forums the past couple of days and decided to join in the discussions. My daughter is currently a senior in high school, and has applied for both the NROTC and AFROTC scholarships with an intended major of Meteorology. She also indicated an interest in Engineering or LREC - critical languages. Following is a brief bio for her and a summary of her experience with the process to date.

    Unweighted GPA - 4.0
    Weighted GPA - 5.22 (lots of AP courses)
    Class rank - 7th out of 424
    National Merit Commended
    SAT - 1360 (700 Math; 660 CR)
    ACT - 32 composite
    Exemplary rated 4A high school in a Dallas suburb.
    No varsity sports participation during high school, but she is a long time student of mixed martial arts and holds a 2nd degree Black Belt. (Don't know if this makes up for the lack of varsity sports participation).
    Primary extracurricular activities are marching band and wind symphony. The school has 4 competitive concert bands - membership by audition only. She has been in the top band for 4 years and is currently first chair on her instrument. Honors include All Region Band 3 times; All Region Orchestra twice; All Area Band twice. Serves in leadership positions in both marching and concert bands.
    Tutors other students in Spanish and Calculus, and is a long time volunteer in our church - teaching pre-school children.

    AFROTC status - just recently completed her submission. Status update indicates she is an eligible applicant and will be contacted by an AFROTC detachment to schedule an interview.

    NROTC status - had her interview in mid-December. Application is at Naval Education and Training Command for final processing and selection determination. The interview was hastily scheduled. She had only partially completed the online application (basic personal information, test scores, class rank, etc.) when she received a phone call to set up an interview the next day. She hurriedly finished the application that night. We were told the interview went well, but have not heard anything else since then.

    One interesting thing though - about two weeks after the interview (late December) she received a letter from the USNA Office of Admissions informing her that she was an official candidate for the USNA Class of 2017. The requisite application information was included with instructions to submit all documents by March 1st. Is this common? Her original intent was to apply for ROTC scholarships only, so this letter came as a surprise.

    She has been accepted by the University of Oklahoma and Texas A&M - both schools have Meteorology programs. She was also accepted by the Honors College at OU. Other acceptances so far include Baylor and Oklahoma State University. Meteorology is not an option at those schools, so she would have to study engineering or languages there.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed reading the wealth of information provided here. Like so many others, we are anxiously awaiting any further updates. I welcome any thoughts or input from other forum participants.
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    Re the letter from the Academy: In an attempt to "catch" all qualified candidates for either the Academy or NROTC (as the candidate is probably well qualified for both) names are swapped between the Academy and the NROTC command in hopes of maximizing the chances of good kids getting in either program. All candidates have an application opened up in the 2 programs whether they know it or not. The problem is the Navy has not got it's act together enough to get the names to each command in time for any action. As an example, the Academy process is practically closed to the just-notified NROTC kids for the simple reason the nomination process is over for the members of congress and you need a nomination. Unless an NROTC candidate has a potential Presidential nomination (you can always try for a VP nom) or some other one, for all practical purposes it is extremely hard to be very competitive with the rest of the Academy pack.

    Same thing for the USNA candidates. They have an application open on the NROTC side of the house but unless they have been working on it as well, they are facing deadlines too.

    The concept is great, but the present execution of it is pretty lame. Unless your daughter is motivated to go to the Academy (and I am betting she is not or else would have been on that track to begin with), I'd say save the stress, pitch the Academy letter and continue focused on NROTC. (I had a USNA classmate who majored in Oceanography but retired as a Meteorologist. He said it was an easy switch---- fluids with the same formulas.)

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