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    Hi all,
    I've been a lurker on this site for about four years now (since I started think about doing ROTC way back in the day). Since then I did a year of the AFROTC program as a crosstown CDT and after deciding that wasn't right for me, I switched over to the AROTC program and was able to enter as an MS3 CDT. I went to LDAC this last summer and was an end of camp commissionee, so now I'm a new LT waiting for my BOLC to start. I was very luck to get selected for AD and my first choice (AG)! I'm also lucky to be dating a guy who graduated from OCS (AD) last month and is now in ABOLC, so I know a bit about those two things. I decided to start posting now to pay back the advice I have gained over the years from this amazing site, I can't tell you how many times useful information from here has helped me in my CDT career. So if anyone has any questions about changing branches/the "new LDAC"/ OCS, or end of camp commissionees please message me! I know these are topics for which there aren't much resources out there.
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    Wow! Thanks for unlurking!

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