Is a DoDMERB Remedial a good sign

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by cmccollum4693, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I informed DoDMERB on my medical history form that I had childhood asthma and was on meds up until age 15. I also told them that my doctor confirmed that I no longer have asthma and no longer need meds.

    I thought that they would just disqualify me from the gitgo, so is a Remedial a good sign at least? Especially since I no longer have asthma?
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    I'm sure Mr. Mullen will be by to tell you to send your Name and last 4 of SSN to his email to discuss your particular situation further, but generally speaking a remedial is request for more information to make that qualifiied/disqualified decision, so it is difficult to compare to a disqualification because the result of the review of the information from a remedial can be a disqualification (depending of course upon specific circumstances).

    In a nut shell, you are neither qualified nor disqualified at this point so you question cannot be answered specifically until you work with Mr. Mullen and/or the staff in his office. The good news is that they are terrific in working with you (from first hand experience). :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Best of luck.
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    cmccollum4693 - Goaliedad is correct. Cut and paste your posting; provide full name and last 4 SSN; send to me in an email. I can assist U better from there :thumb:

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