Is ANYONE else having problems with the NROTC website?


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Apr 9, 2017
Application is completely done except for test score and hours spent on things area: I am trying to submit ACT scores and the drop down menu titles seem to reflect SAT scores (combined reading and math, etc). I am unable to figure out what they are asking for, plus when I do input my ACT score, I get a message error. The webpage asks for a math+reading score, so I added the 2 together totaling 61 in my ACT test. However, when I try to proceed to the next part of the application, I get an error stating that the test scores cannot exceed 36. Also the first column asks for "Evidenced Based Reading and Writing / English / Critical Reading Score", and on my ACT results, there is no score category that corresponds to this. There is only "English", "Mathematics", "Reading", "Science", and "STEM" scores displayed on my ACT test score result webpage. It appears that maybe this is a SAT score question, however I am selecting ACT in the drop down menu.

Additionally, on the "Essay" tab, it asks for how many hours a week I do certain activities, but will only let my type in a maximum of one digit for each area. This is problematic because I spend 10+ hours a week on many of these activities.

I have emailed my assigned NROTC recruiter, beginning 7/26/17, and have not heard how to address these problem areas despite follow up emails and calls.

Anyone else having issues? I have even tried opening my application in different browsers. Advise on how to handle this seemingly technical issue? Also my Recruiter said he wanted to review my application, despite having these areas empty (he asked for my scores independently). He did send all supporting forms to me. I'm not sure how to proceed. I have been waiting to hear. I'm not even sure if I am supposed to continue with the emailed forms if I don't even have my applications submitted. But it has been ready other than the problem areas mentioned above.

Can someone help? I want to hit the first review board!
Bumping this thread because I'm having issues too. Not sure if this is typical of the NROTC application, but it seems to be down about every other time I try to log on to work on anything. It really is quite unprofessional, DoD really needs to get quality IT staff and modernize all their servers and web infrastructure.
From what I have observed there is always frustration with completing these applications. My advice is to exhibit some patience and work your way through the process. Making accusations of being unprofessional and demeaning the DOD IT staff is not necessary and is inappropriate.