Is DODMERB used by Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves?

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    Aug 19, 2018
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    I recently found myself having to leave AFROTC. I have mild asthma (not exercise related) and my medical waiver was denied by DODMERB. I'm currently a second year student in college.

    Leaving the program was difficult. I have tremendous love for my country and I firmly believe in the principles of the United States Military. A military career is a dream for me. Due to my medical stance however, I'm concerned that there is no longer a path for me to enter the uniformed service.

    My question is does the Air National Guard or the Air Force Reserve use the same DODMERB qualifications as the active-duty military branches? Is there any way I could still enter into the service?
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    Feb 12, 2018
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    I would like to hear answers to this question as well. My DS did not start AFROTC (current freshman) because his waiver was denied prior to the start of school (chondromalacia patella, asymptomatic, avid runner). Therefore the AFROTC scholarship that he had been awarded was useless to him.

    Does he have a chance to ever be a part of the Air Force? Or does this issue exclude him forever?

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    The Air Guard and Reserves would still use the same accession standards as the Regular Air Force. Whether or not they actually use the DoDMERB system is another story. Some officer accession programs (for example, USMC OCS) use MEPS, while others use DoDMERB (i.e. ROTC), and I can't say for certain which one the Reserve Component uses. However, you will find that as a general rule the medical standards themselves are the same across the board for all commissioning sources/services. However where you will usually find differences is in what each service is willing to waive. So in your case, if the Air Force is unwilling to waive your condition, you may find that the other services are willing to do so.
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    I am a Marine Corps Officer applicant and am using DODMERB. I tried enlisting and continuing from DODMERB because enlisting is more strict but they would not continue my DODMERB application and I had to go to MEPS. I am soon to be reinstated into DODMERB but I am also back in the Marine Corps Officer program