Is going to church mandatory in BCT?

All of your previous posts and your screen name involve USAFA. Did you intend for this to be in the Air Force Forum or did you apply to West Point also? I can move the thread if you want.

If it's not, will the church time be down time for those who don't go?
For what it's worth, there is no way any arm of the government--whether Federal or State--could legally get away with forcing someone to participate in a religious service, even if they so desired. is not mandatory but if you end up at USMA instead of USAFA (Go Army!) let me tell you about the Wednesday night secret escape during BCT: Chaplain's Time. My #1 is a Deist if he is anything (you can look that up)...and he discovered that the food at the Atheist, Hindu, & Buddhist Chaplains' Time was not as tasty as the food at Protestant Chaplains' Time. There is food and it is wonderful and different at each of the Chaplains' Times (I think the LDS get pizza-- #1 did not go to that one). There are also people who will be kind and helpful and maybe take your picture and send it to your parents and that sort of thing. You get to kick back and relax--and talk to your new classmates for a couple of hours, maybe laugh, maybe take a nap. (All of this probably seems a bit stupid now--why would you need that? It is only six weeks...but do not shut yourself off, give it a try.) Again, think like Henry IV "Paris is Worth a Mass" (although, you may not want to sit through Mass if you aren't Catholic.)
I went the first week during Beast, but realized weeks 2-6 that if I didn't go to Sunday Service, it was much loved "down time" during CBT. It's all up to you, do what makes you feel best spiritually, emotionally, and physically.