Is Missouri Competitive?


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Jan 30, 2017
Based on conversations with my congressman's staff it seems like hardly anyone even applies for that nomination. I ended up receiving four nominations (congressman, both senators, presidential). Does Missouri have a lot of competition for appointments or is it considered an easier state?
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As with most states, it depends on the area and district. For example, when DD interviewed with the MOC from Missouri District 4 in 2015, the panel had over two dozen interviews scheduled for that weekend.
MO-02 here. I got a nomination from my rep for USAFA and USMA. According to her website, she had 50 applicants this year. District 2 is undoubtedly the most competitive in the state and therefore is pretty darn competitive. It does vary a lot by district though. Others like district 8 probably do not receive many applicants. But 1, 2, and 5 at least are definitely competitive.
My DS is from Mo-4 and there were several interviews being conducted this year. I know she only had one available slot for USAFA this round.
I think you almost answered your own question when you told us you received nominations from both Senators and your congressman. You are probably an outstanding candidate but in really competitive states, Senators will not double nominate and often send 100s of non-select letters. Senator Cornyn' office receives 500-700 applications per year. Thank your stars that you live in a place that what you have is possible. It is impossible to tell for sure since the candidates change every year. It only takes one super candidate to make your district competitive in any given year. You have an outstanding chance as you will compete on multiple slates. You just have to win one.