Is my application competitive?


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Jan 17, 2018
Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my post since it is quite a long one. I am in the graduating class of 2019, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips to improve my resume/application for the Naval Academy. Here is some of my information:

Class: 2019
Class Size: 200
School: All-girls' Catholic school in North Texas
Class Rank: Not ranked but estimated to be around 5th-10th
GPA: 4.3 on 4.0 scale (school does not have weighted/unweighted)
SAT: Aug 2017- 740 Math, 690-Verbal, 1430-Composite
PSAT: Oct 2017- 730 Math, 710 Verbal, 1440 Composite
ACT: Will take in February 2018
Community Service: 100 hours
Height: 5'10'' Weight 160
Glasses to correct vision (within USNA requirements)
No special medical conditions (ex: asthma, allergies, heart conditions, learning disabilities)
  • Academic Dean's List (3.5+ GPA) every semester
  • First Honor Roll (3.9+ GPA) every semester
  • Dean of Students Conduct Award (No infractions) every semester
  • National Spanish Exam Gold Medal (at or above 95th percentile on a national test) Grades 9, 10
  • Varsity A Golf (Letter) since freshman year and currently playing this year
  • MVP Freshman and Sophomore years
  • TAPPS 6A 2x all-district, 2x all-region, 2x all-state
  • 4 individual titles at high school tournaments
  • I have not been able to be captain since the role usually falls to seniority at my school.
Leadership Roles:
  • President of Science National Honor Society
  • Vice President of National Spanish Honor Society
  • Treasurer of Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society)
Membership in:
  • National Honor Society
  • English Honor Society
  • Rho Kappa (National Social Studies Honor Society)
  • Biomedical Club
  • Attended USNA Summer STEM program in 2017 :)
  • Texas High School Aerospace Scholars Program by NASA- selected to participate in four months of an online class that models the journey to send people to Mars with the goal of studying at the NASA Johnson Space Center for a week.
  • Perry Initiative Outreach Program- Selected as one of 36 participants for a branch of a nationwide initiative to introduce teenage girls to medicine and engineering
  • Although its not confirmed, I believe my school will be nominating me for girls' state 2018. I am also applying to Summer Seminar.
Courses to be completed by graduation (side note: my school requires a rigorous application process for honors/AP classes :bang:) :
  • English I, II, III Honors, AP Literature
  • Spanish I Honors, II Honors, III Honors
  • Physics Honors, Chemistry Honors, Biology Honors, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, Human Anatomy Honors
  • Theology 4 years (School requirement every year)
  • World Geography (no honors available), World History Honors, AP US History, AP Government, AP Economics
  • Geometry Honors, Algebra II/Trigonometry Honors, Calculus A Honors, AP Calculus BC
  • AP Computer Science A
  • Speech and Wellness (both 1 semester, school requirement)
  • Ceramics I, 2 (both 1 semester, art requirement)
I know that this is a lot of information, but I tried to include as many details as possible. Once again thank you so much if you actually read through everything. Please leave any suggestions since all help is truly appreciated! Please also leave any thoughts and comments as well!
Looks like it, but no one here can say with much certainty. Beyond being qualified, you need to be the most competitive within your congressional slate. If you're in Dallas, that can be a very competitive area. I recommend you try to increase your SAT score, or see if your ACT score ends up being better which often happens. Also train for the CFA. Golf is a good sport but you'll need to be a good runner and strong on the push ups, pull ups, etc. to do well on the CFA. Start training now if you haven't already. Best of luck!
You sound very much like my 2021 Mid in her JR year. Small, all girls school, sports and clubs. Stay the course, you are competitive based on DD's appointment. Re-testing won't hurt and as mentioned above try the ACT. DD did much better on that version.
I highly recommend reaching out to the golf coach asap. It was decades ago when I was recruited for golf (USMA), and it was hard for coaches to separate players who want to have a military career. I was able to get an appointment from a competitive area with abysmal SAT scores (compared to yours). The NCAA sport coaches can help significantly. Reaching out to the coach is really the only way to get on the coach's radar. If you play AJGA, the coach should be pleased to hear from you. Good luck!
Wow, your package looks very strong! Have you tried a CFA yet? My DS thought he had it in the BAG... took him 3 tries before he actually passed it.. practice now.. make it a regular and you will really stand out..