Is my career over?


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Jan 18, 2009

I started AROTC this year as an MS3. I was injured during a ROTC event in December, and while it is not a serious injury, I *might* need a minor surgery to fix something in my leg. According to the doctor *if* he determines I need surgery it is a routine fix and will not effect me longterm. However, I had a surgery on that leg before, so I am sort of nervous I will get kicked out of ROTC if I ask the cadre about having surgery.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? If I have to have surgery and am on profile for a couple of months will I get kicked out? Should I just try to get through LDAC and if the leg is still bothering me have surgery after? Or if it's not really a big deal should I just do it now and if I'm not ready this summer, go to LDAC after my MS4 year?

The bottom line is I am really enjoying the program and looking forward to serving. I know I need to use good judgment and take care of my body. I also know this is not the kind of injury that should prevent me from serving my country for many years.

Thank you!
You really need to talk with the Professor of Military Science. If you don't have surgery and make it through LDAC then you still need to pass a commissioning physical and the APFT.
Don't be afraid of being on profile and don't panic. Come clean with your orthopedic dr also - tell him that you need to be in good shape for LDAC.
You have about 6 months to recover - if the surgery is minor this should not be an issue.
Don't worry about the prior surgery.
When is LDAC anyway?
From my son's experience, he also was injured during NROTC PT. He saw the doctor and got a medical excuse. At first, surgery was a possibility. He continued his military classes and activities that he could physically do. Thank goodness that he has gradually gotten back to physical activity with permission of the doctor.

Be sure to discuss your situation with your ROTC advisor and do what is necessary to stay in the program. It may be different with AFROTC, but I thought I would advise you of my son's experience.
LDAC starts in either June or early July, depending on when you go. I see the doctor again in a week, so I guess I'll see what he says and then talk to the PMS about what approach to take.

Thanks for the responses; I just want this to work out.
BTW - since you injured it during ROTC does the Army pay for your care?

If it is as minor as the dr says - I think it will work out. Good Luck!
Yes, the Army has paid for my care so far (doctor appointments and MRI).

We'll see what happens but I am trying not to worry too much!
I talked to my PMS today, and he said as long as the injury is fixable I will NOT be removed from the program. Worst case scenario is I push LDAC back to after my MS4 year.

So...I should know in the next two weeks whether surgery is happening or not, and I will take it from there! Thanks for your help, everyone.