Is Portal Still Down For Everyone?


Jan 15, 2017
Logged into my USAFA portal this morning and got the following message:

"Oops! The Admissions Server is currently synchronizing data with USAFA. We must suspend all data input while this process runs to prevent the data from being corrupted.

YOU DID NOT LOSE ANY OF YOUR WORK! If you have already entered some data it is still there and you may return to your Online Application after the synchronization is finished.

The synchronization usually takes around 45 minutes... try returning to the Online Application in an hour or so. You will need to re-enter your Social Security Number and date of birth to continue your Online Application. If you have not yet started your Online Application, you may do so after the synchronization completes.

The synchronization runs every business day (usually between 5:30 AM and 6:30 AM Mountain Time) but may rarely run at other times during the business day."

While the message states that the synchronization only takes around 45 minutes, my portal has been displaying this message all day. Is this the same for everyone else? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I just checked and was finally able to log in. Hopefully it is working for everyone else as well.