Is the NROTC Marine option out for color deficiency?


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Jun 19, 2008
While waiting for an outcome on the DoDMERB eye situation we've come up against; my sons been talking to a couple of NROTC units that he's interested in and one specifically asked about a DQ on the DoDMERB, note, he (son) mentioned to him the possibility of a DQ for the USNA. If he fails the color eye test I realize the USNA is out but, can you at least take the Marine option on a NROTC?
Yes. Marine Corps Option only requires passing the vivid red/green test.:thumb:
I was with an important staff member of the USNA Admissions staff today. USMC option at the USNA ONLY becomes an option under two circumstances.

1. "If" an applicant is one of the restricted few that will be issued a color blind waiver for admission to the USNA, they will be told that they will only be eligible for Restricted Line US Navy or Marine Corps. "If" an applicant doesn't receive a waiver for color blindness, they are not admitted to the USNA.
2. Therefore, the USMC option, outside of those very few, becomes an option ONLY for those folks already admitted to the USNA and is available during Service Selection (surface, subs, etc) during the third year.
Thank you Larry, that's what we thought...unfortunatelly.

We plan on testing next week up at NAS JAX and I'll keep you informed; we're ready for either option. :thumb: