Is their anything else I can do?


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Jul 22, 2015
I am currently a self-prep at NMMI (second year applicant) and I have secured a nomination (TX-26). In High School I was an Eagle Scout, three varsity sport Captain, 30 ACT, and volunteer. I went through a nationally ranked IB high school (International Baccalaureate) and ended up with a 3.3 GPA. Currently at NMMI I have earned every award a RAT can: Best New Cadet, and the Superintendents list. My fall transcript looked something like this (3.58 GPA- 19 hours):

English Comp: B
Calculus 1: B+
Military Science 1: B+
Chemistry 1: A
Physics 1: A
Freshman Course: A
Prep PT: A

I will be starting my training for the Bataan Memorial Death March when I get back, and I am just wondering if their is anything I can do to make myself stand out as an applicant (other than improving my grades) in the meantime.
Are you gaining any new experience by participating in any ECA or involvement with the community and how they might have impacted YOU that you want admissions to know about?
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You have a convincing argument for your academics...solid courses with pretty decent grades (mostly As and high Bs). If you had the opportunity to be in some sort of leadership position at NMMI (company/platoon commander, squad leader, etc. or whatever organizational structure is utilized) and had some significant accomplishments (i.e. highest unit on personnel/room inspections, highest PT scores, etc.) than I would draft a brief letter and have the person-in-charge (civilian or officer) sign it and scan/send it to USNA. The letter should state your position, a brief description of what it entails, and specific accomplishments (i.e. 100% PT pass rate, 85% 3.5 GPA or higher, perfect room inspection record, etc. -- I am giving very generic accomplishments just for example).
I discussed my involvement and experience with the Army community at NMMI in my essay and BGO interview. I am still a RAT at NMMI (equivalent to a plebe) so I cannot hold any leadership positions until the entire class meets the requirements to turn to privates, and the leadership position is vacated.