Is there a list of MIAD courses available for Cadets?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by 160thWannabe, Dec 22, 2011.

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    I have read the Admissions' FAQ regarding Military Training during the summers, and I noticed that it lists a number of example courses that can be taken, but not the full list. Is there such a list, and is it available to non-Cadets?

    Also, how many MIADs can you generally take? I have heard that it depends on your schedule and when the MIADs are happening. Is it possible to take more than one per summer, and what are the limitations for lower-class Cadets?

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    Most people end up taking one or two throughout their cadet careers. The only limitations are the other requirements (CFT, CTLT, CLDT, and your leadership detail) which come first as well as the amount of slots availible fitting your free space. After your first MIAD, cadets without an AID will receive priority over you since they will need to fill their graduation requirement.

    Another limitation is the try outs that competitive MIADs have which are often more difficult than the MIADs themselves (due to the amount of competition vs number of slots). Rising Yearlings typically cannot attend any competitive MIADs because they interfere with CFT.

    Here is a list:

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