Is there a School Supplies List?

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by chopper55, Jul 17, 2011.

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    Looking for list of room supplies or school supplies the Plebe Candidates will need when school starts next week. My understanding is the NEX runs out of items very quickly, and some items they do not have. I have been gathering tid bits here and there, but if there is a list somewhere please let me know!

    Here's what others are saying for room supplies, please feel free to add to this: An iron, lint rollers, duct tape, dust cloths, black sharpies, shirt stays, and STAMPS. The NEX has stationary but no stamps. Please feel free to add more! Thanks for your experience!
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    I thought there used to be a list on the USMMA Parents Pages but..

    I seem to recall a list - I thought it used to be on the USMMA Parent's site but I looked and couldn't find it.

    Our experience over the past three years is the NEX has what they need but they can save a few bucks getting the stuff at Target/KMart and/or Wal-Mart. Our DS is much more frugal than I and he goes that route. His plebe year his mentor or whatever they call the third classman who are their "team leaders" got stuff there for he and his roommate and they paid him for it. His Third Class year and last year he had his car up there and made a couple of "runs" for himself, some classmates and a few others including Plebes in his company.

    They seem to be able to make this all work, as long as they have access to some basic funds, which we've always transferred there to him by making deposits into his NFCU account every month or so...

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