Is there more I can do?


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Oct 31, 2008
I applied to USNA earlier this Summer and I was told my SAT scores were to low. I Had 530 Math and 620 Reading Comprehension. After this I did a lot of studying and took the SAT again in October. I brought my Math up by 100 points and my reading up 20 points. USNA sent me a candidate packet and I have turned all my nomination papers in. My question is will my SAT improvement help me show that I am serious about my desire to serve in the navy and attend USNA?

Also, I am homeschooled with a gpa of 6.7. I am currently taking Trig, Precalc, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Compostition and second year Spanish. I have A's in everything except Advanced Comp. and Chem. which have B's. Will this heavy course load and good grades substantially help me?

Last, I am very weak in my extracarricular sports list, in fact I have never participated in an organized sport. I have been in a band for two years and I am Physically fit. I can successfully complete perfect scores in all but the run and crunches for the CFA. (I am still working on these.) Is there anything I can do in this short time span to help this area of weakness? Thanks for taking the time to read this boring paper:smile: If anyone has any advice on any of these topics or anything else that would help me, it would be greatly appreciated.:usa: Go navy, beat army.
great job on your SAT's! i think the improvement will definitely show the academy something special

on that note, you definitely want to get involved in an organized sport and send this info to the academy, from all the info i've gathered, home school candidates really have to show their stuff and this is one thing that is weighed heavily for all candidates
i'd suggest you join a club swim team, soccer team, or anything that shows you are part of a team, its a definite plus that you are in good shape but they want to see team participation as this is really what the academy is all work 'cooperate and graduate' 'a team above all, above all a team' haha thats my army swimming and diving media guide for you...

make sure you let them know of your community involvement, be active in community service projects, anything to let them know that you are concerned about those around you- thats what you'll be doing after the academy

best of luck!