Is West Point's Cadet Captain being exploited?


Feb 16, 2016
West Point Cadet Captain pictured with Hillary Clinton. Even though the article itself is apparently about empowering young women (which I am all for as a proud dad of an amazing young woman) the magazine itself seems to be belittling the CIC through the editorial page and now Chelsea Clinton is publishing a "letter to her children" in the same magazine slamming Trump. It seems like a fine line to me on politicizing -either intentionally or not- the Cadet Captain's role at West Point?

The article itself is positive although the magazine itself is anti Trump So I guess my question is what is the public role of a West Point cadet- albeit cadet Captain supposed to be? Is this a "fine line" exploiting her role at West Point ?

Have other Cadet Captains received similar attention? No knock on the Cadet Captain as I am sure she has earned it and is a "historic" first but it just seems to feel to me like she is being exploited.
These things are discussed and reviewed all the way up the chain of command to the head PAO, JAGs and senior leadership. One person’s exploiting is another’s showcasing of diversity in action. The Services and Service Academies have a “brand,” and image management is part of that. The Services want to be seen as inclusive, with opportunities for all - in support of that, they do indeed “exploit” opportunities to showcase progress and achievements of historically underrepresented groups. The “firsts” almost always get dragged into the limelight. I had my share of that dragging back a few years, and I really wanted to be left alone to do my job.

There are many pockets in this country where young women don’t even think about a military career, STEM, the Service Academies - seeing a photo and a story like this could be that “aha” moment when they realize, hey, I can do that/be that.
As far as I’m concerned, anyone in the military or attending military academies would be smart to avoid being associated with Hillary Clinton at all. This is me saying this not because of her political stances, but because of her complete lack of morals. The woman directly mishandled classified info, something you or I would be sent to Fort Leavenworth for, and then flat out lied about it to the law and the public. Quite frankly, this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with integrity. It sickens me to think that some people actually regard that woman as some kind of role-model.
Undoubtedly, Pete Dawkins received as much publicity back in his day as First Captain, Heisman Trophy winner, and Rhodes Scholar.

As far as any political leanings of Teen Vogue - decades ago we railed against the slant of the NY Times, but were still required to read it every day.
The article is Teen Vogue is "positive" on a number of issues - specifically reproductive rights, necklace Nelson, and lgbxyz issues. This is the image management of USMA. oh, and "nonbiological ideals" - whatever that is.
Hillary Clinton is

Nevermind - Here's to Cadet Captain Askew!