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    I previously posted a thread about wanting to change my major from Civil Engineering to IS and Political Science at VMI. After contacting VMI on two separate occasions, which were months apart, I have been told twice that I will be unable to change to IS because of limited space, but that I may be able to switch to it later after matriculation through the department head. Does anyone else have any experience with this? Is it likely that a spot will open up? And would it be wise to contact the department head so that he can notify me if someone drops or possibly open a spot for me?
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    There's nothing bad that can come out of being proactive about something like thsi so, if you're around for STP, drop by the department head's office or, if you're not, shoot him an email to let him know you're intersted. Since IS is such a popular major, chances are good that several IS rats will drop during Hell Week and, if you've demonstrated interest and stay in touch with the IS faculty, your chances of picking up a spot are good. If worst comes to worst, you do a semester of CE and then switch, but you'll probably get in before then.

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