Its been a while and I have questions #1

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Sep 14, 2015
I haven't had much time to cruise message boards over the last couple of months so I have a small backlog of questions.

Before I post them, I want to say that I will really miss Murf. I valued his posts here, and when he "like'd" mine or referenced my input in his posts I was flattered. Never met him in person, but I honestly would have jumped at the chance. My best to his family: "We do but turn another page"

1) Does anybody know where/how/if tickets can be purchased for the Army Navy WOMENS basket ball game on the 18th? I am headed Back-East on business and planned a weekend visit with my DD.

She's been told that she needs to attend the first BB game on the 18th. That game is Army vs Navy WOMENS basket ball game which goes off at 11AM. DD is anxious to go to the game, sit with Dad (a chit) and get the heck out of Annapolis ASAP for two days in DC.

My problem is I can't find tickets. A womens game shows up on the BB schedule on the 18th, but no tickets are shown as available on Seat Geek or Stub Hub. The Navy ticket site shows the game, but again, no tickets. I guess the game could be sold out, but its doesn't make sense to me that I'd be able to find tickets for Army vs Navy Mens BB later that day, but not the womens game?------Hoops?
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It's a double-header, with a short break after the first game, so the default tix to buy are the Men's, I think, for access to the game. Call the ticket office at to make sure.
Capt MJ is spot on!

Should be great games. The men's and women's games were close a few weeks ago. Both teams are having a great year. The women were on a 8 or 9 win streak until the other day.
We got tix straight through Navy all general admission for the double header, I don't believe they are selling the games individually.