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Mar 26, 2008
Well I got the news today I will need surgery on my knee. Even though I am not in pain doc believes that my meniscus needs to be repaired given my age, level of activity and desire to attend USNA. I will miss most of XC season :frown: but once done my knee should be back to normal.

I am nearly done with my USNA application (personal statement will be done this weekend) and I am waiting on teacher submittals and transcripts so DoDMERB has not contacted me yet (THANK GOODNESS) but once at 50% i will get contacted soooooooo

How late in the fall can I schedule? I will be on crutches 6 wks then PT and want to be rehabbed before I have my physical. My doc is familiar with what Navy will need as far as documentation so how late can I do the physical and still be in the game?

I can't answer your question, but as one who once had his knee scoped (not a big deal, but big enough), all I can stress is GO EASY and LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR.

It will do you no good to ruin your knee trying to get back into shape too quickly because you want to get into USNA. Be careful. While it's OK to push yourself, don't HURT yourself. USNA will still be there the following year, and ruining your knee for life isn't worth trying to get into USNA a year "earlier".

Best of luck! :thumb:
kmjg2000 – Hi! I am the Deputy Director of DoDMERB ( By all means, when USNA downloads your name to us for an exam and we contact you, go ahead and schedule the exam as soon as possible. The status of your knee will have nothing –ultimately – to do with your ability to be accessed medically – early. By taking this prompt action, you will ensure any other issues are resolved (if any) by the time your knee meets standards OR you will know early on in the process that the knee issue would be secondary to something else. Based on what you say right now, you would NOT meet medical standards at DoDMERB (commonly referred to as “disqualified”). But, barring any other medical issues, you wouldn’t be cleared by DoDMERB or waived by USNA, until your knee was healed and rehabbed anyway. So, if the knee turns out to be the only issue, what will be required by DoDMERB (we electronically post it for USNA) are a copy of all records from the date of injury to the date of “full release to unrestricted activity” (unconditional release by your surgeon).

There are 4 things you must have to get into USNA= 1) Congressional Nom (consult USNA catalog); 2) Be academically qualified (consult USNA catalog) 3) Successfully pass the Candidate Fitness Assessment (consult the USNA catalog) 4) Be medically qualified by DoDMERB OR medically waived by USNA.

IDEAL SITUATION FOR YOU? = Have your nom ASAP; be academically Q by USNA ASAP; be DQ’d by DoDMERB for only your knee issue ASAP; pass the CFA when you are able in the Spring; and receive a medical waiver for your knee issue as soon as possible after the Surgeon charts in your records “released to full activity without restriction.”

Hope this helps! :thumb:
Thanks again!

Yes it does help! So once I am contacted I will schedule ASAP. Thanks !!! And I appreciate the quick response!