It's That Time of Year Again in College Station


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Jan 29, 2011
COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) -- Thousands of Texas A&M University Corps cadets marched to the Brazos River Saturday, all to raise money and awareness for March of Dimes.


Saturday was the 41st year the corps marched the nine miles to the river and back to campus. For the last few months, cadets have been raising money for the March of Dimes.

This year, the corps expects to raise more than they did in 2016. KBTX was told the total could be more than $150,000. That's the most the organization has ever raised.

David Gardner's Jewelers donated 46 watches valued at $400 as raffle items for each of the corps units. The raffle tickets raised almost $27,000.

KBTX's Michael Oder emceed the event.

The March to the Brazos is the largest student-led fundraiser for the March of Dimes in the country.

The College Station Hilton, Jason's Deli and Pepsi also help make the 41st March to the Brazos a success this year.

# # ## Next week is "Final Review" and the second pass of the review will include the rising seniors wearing their "Senior Boots" for the first time.
Darn I missed it but heard it was a hoot. My DS is off to basic/AIT this summer trying to "supercharge" his status with the SMP.