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    hey -

    I am going to law school hopefully soon, and would like to go into JAG corps at some point. I’d like to commission into a different branch first, and then transition to JAG reserves later in my career. Is it possible in any of the branches to go straight into the JAG reserve corps?

    Second question - if I’m in ROTC, which hopefully I will be, can I do an internship (preferably but not exclusively JAG) in a different branch over the summers? I wouldn’t be in the ROTC law scholarship, just the regular scholarship. Would another branch be willing to pick me up for an internship, knowing I wouldn’t be able to work for them after I graduate?

    Thanks all!
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    Please clarify - if you are going to law school “soon,” does that mean you are in college now, or have already completed college and will be attending law school this coming fall?

    What service are you interested in? Do you mean branch of service when you say “branch,” or do you mean the Army professional specialty?

    You also note you will “hopefully” be in ROTC - so now I’m wondering if you are in college yet.

    People here on SAF generally want to be helpful, but understanding where you are in your journey would be helpful.

    Generally, most military JAGs come from what’s called a direct accession commissioning program. Candidates attend regular college and law school, then apply for JAG Corps, and attend some sort of commissioning school.

    The Services vary on ability to “go JAG” via ROTC, but I would guess very few. ROTC, in general, is not designed to produce staff corps officers.

    People do get commissioned into a non-JAG path in their respective services, and there are programs available to apply for lateral transfer into JAG at some number of years in the original specialty. Those spots are highly competitive.

    Lastly, some go into non-JAG warfare specialties, eventually separate from active duty, then use their GI Bill benefit to get a law degree, and then re-apply to come back in as a JAG.
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    If you want to “tryout” another corps prior to pursuing JAG, I suggest you research Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP).