Joining the Army with history of Anxiety

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by TNaye, Sep 1, 2018.

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    I've been trying to join since i was 17, 18 now will be 19 next year. I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) when i was 8, and when i was 14. I have never taken medication for it, I was never hospitalized for it, I was in family therapy for a month or 2. Both reasons were due to family problems. When i was 8 my older brother would fight and verbally abuse me constantly(This is why i have anxiety on my record, because i was scared to do things with him). And when i was 14 my mother was recently diagnosed with a rare untreatable cancer and i was having a hard time dealing with that. I was never Diagnosed with depression, I never have considered hurting myself in any way.

    It seems Anxiety gets mixed with the same crowd as people that have Depression and people that want to kill themselves which to me seems insane.

    from what i have googled it seems that i'd get declined instantly, I'd talk to a recruiter but im living over seas currently with my father and would have to fly back to MI and live with my grandparents which would be expensive (and if i do all that just to find out ill be declined would be kind of ****ty).

    Any help?
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    You should post this on the DODMERB forum. There used to be a gent that was a doctor for them. Not sure if he still lurks around in here, it has years since I asked him anything. Good luck.
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    Moved to the DoDMERB Forum.

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    GAD is a “higher” form of anxiety. Because you were diagnosed at 8 and again at 14, it’s going to be hard to say they were wrong the first time...and the second time. You’re totally free to pursue enlistment/commissioning. Good luck with the process.