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    So here's my situation.I'm in a Army JROTC and i'm not sure if my SAI can nominate me.On the USNA website it says the JROTC unit has to be a Honor Unit with Distinction.Currently my battalion isn't a Honor Unit With Distinction , were just a Honor Unit.Yet for many years in the past we were with distinction while my SAI was in charge.So can he still nominate me or do we have to be a current Honor Unit with Distinction ?

    And if not can I still use his recommendation ?

    Thanks !
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    I had an old post go over this in detail and SCcandidate2015 gave the best explanation I've seen and I've verified with our local JrROTC SASI

    Go here

    But in short you must be a distinguished unit to get the service related nomination from your JrROTC unit. If you're in a distinguished unit with honors you can get nominated to other SA.

    In your case if your Army JrROTC unit is a distinguished unit your SAI can nominate you to USMA. If your Army JrROTC unit is a distinguished unit with honors they can nominate you USNA and any of the other as well.

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