Judge to ponder juror concerns in Mid's case


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May 5, 2007
Report that instructions were not followed in Morrison case could lead to retrial

Published in the BS:


A military judge today will consider the concerns of a Naval Academy officer who believes fellow members of the jury that convicted a former Navy football player of sexual assault did not follow instructions in their deliberations, a development that could lead to a new trial, several sources familiar with the case said.

Marine Col. Stephen Day, the military judge who heard the trial, scheduled today's hearing at the Washington Navy Yard to weigh the seriousness of the juror's concerns....

And the saga continues...
Hearing set for juror concerns in academy case


A juror on a panel that convicted a Naval Academy midshipman of sexual assault and sentenced him to two years in prison has “concerns” about the way deliberations were conducted, an attorney for the midshipman said Monday.

A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday at the Washington Navy Yard to discuss the juror, a member of the panel of seven Marine and Navy officers that in April convicted Kenny Ray Morrison of sexually assaulting a fellow a midshipman in 2006....
A spokeswoman for the Annapolis military academy would not comment on the hearing.

It's a SERVICE ACADEMY, dammit! :unhappy:
No new trial for midshipman guilty in sex case

Juror came forward with concerns about impartiality of deliberations

Published in the BS:


A military judge declined yesterday to grant a new trial to a former Navy football player who was convicted of sexual assault after a juror said his peers on the seven-member panel of Naval Academy officers had a "lack of impartiality" during deliberations.

Maj. Robb Mansfield, an electrical engineering instructor, testified in a hearing at the Washington Navy Yard yesterday that he came forward just two days after the conclusion of Kenny Ray Morrison's trial last month with concerns about "the method in which we attacked, or undertook the deliberations."...
Concerns not enough to affect Morrison verdict


A member of the military jury that convicted a Naval Academy midshipman of sexual assault last month said Tuesday there was “jury irregularity” during deliberations, but a judge ruled that his concerns didn’t warrant overturning the verdict.

Marine Maj. Robb Mansfield provided few details about the deliberations that prompted him to come forward during a hearing at the Washington Navy Yard, but said he was concerned about the way the panel found Kenny Ray Morrison guilty and sentenced him to two years in the Navy brig....
Morrison juror can't elaborate on report of 'irregularity' in conviction

Published in the Annapolis Capital:


A juror who reported "jury irregularity" in the indecent assault conviction of a Naval Academy midshipman found himself unable to elaborate during a court hearing yesterday.

A seven-member jury, made up of officers from the Naval Academy, convicted Midshipman 1st Class Kenny Ray Morrison III on April 10 and sentenced him to two years in prison....
Sex Case Jury Not Impartial, Officer Says

Published in the Washington Compost:


An officer on the military jury that convicted a former U.S. Naval Academy football player of sexual assault last month said in a court hearing yesterday that the jury had not been impartial, but the judge hearing the case ruled that the concerns were not grounds to reverse the verdict.

On April 9, the jury of Navy and Marine officers from the academy found Midshipman Kenny Ray Morrison, 24, guilty of indecent assault and conduct unbecoming an officer, charges stemming from a February 2006 incident involving a female midshipman at a D.C. hotel. The panel sentenced Morrison to two years in prison....