Junior Diversity Visitation Program (DVP)

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  1. DyllanA

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    May 12, 2013
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    Hi all,

    I was recently accepted to the USAFA Junior DVP and was wondering what it entails, like what we're going to do and where we are going to be. Also, what does this mean in terms of getting accepted into the USAFA. Is it a big thing or something not to get my hopes up on. Thanks.
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    Jan 10, 2014
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    I was accepted to AFA DVP on my junior year, so last year.
    I didn't know this program existed until i got an email from Air Force Academy after I sent my application for Summer Seminar.
    First time i thought it was a scam, since the email said everything was paid for. But later i found out that it was real program and i attended the 3-day long experience.
    I was one of 33 (I believe) students who attended DVP on that week, and met every one of person with different cultural background. It was really interesting to meet other people with different background behind them.
    I was escorted around by a cadet at AFA for whole 3 days. I got to attend his classes, eat normal meals like other cadets, and even sleep in the same room in the dorm.
    It was an rich experience and I am so glad I attended that program.
    The email said the chosen ones are highly potential future cadets... so I believe you will have an big PLUS on your application when you apply to actual Academy.
    I just received my appointments today, so I will be heading to AFA on the 26th of June. and Yes, I would love to be an DVP escort whenever I get a chance.

    USAFA class of 2018
    Tennessee-07 Nomination from Marsha Blackburn
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    DyllanA, it's a BIG honor. DD was invited to Junior DVP last year. You cannot apply directly to this program, but must 1st apply to Summer Seminar. From those applications, a few are selected to participate in the Junior DVP program. (About 3500 applicants to SS, and only 31 students invited to DVP for DD.)

    She shadowed a cadet, attended classes and went to an Airforce game. She got a wonderful tour of the AFA.

    The Junior DVP was how she fell in LOVE with the academy which convinced her that is where she wanted to go after graduation.

    DD worked hard in completing her application process for EA. She was deferred Jan 15th, like many others...but only 3 days later she received her appointment!!
    In June, DD joins the ranks with others for the class of 2018

    Good luck to you and congrats on this privilege!
  4. blakeUSAFA18hopeful

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    Apr 1, 2013
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    Definitely go!! Message me if you have any questions!
  5. NBacogiannis

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    Mar 16, 2014
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    The Diversity Visitation Program to USAFA had to have been the highlight of my Junior year by far! You're paired with a cadet based on your own perferences you indicate when submitting the supplemental paperwork USAFA requires.

    When I attended last February, I was paired with a cadet that acted exactly the same way I did so I had a blast! I learned about the perks of being an upperclassman on campus and what it takes to survive in the academy atmosphere. My best memory I have of the DVP would be waking up early every morning knowing that I was where I belong. Having this expirence will motivate you to reach for your dreams and really give your all in order to gain that appointment.

    Remember though, you're being reviewed by the staff the entire time you're there. Always be early for the events marked on your schedule and remember common courties! Most of all soak in the culture of USAFA and have fun!

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

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