Kings Point (USMMA) vs. SUNY - Maritime College (Fort Schyler) Next Week

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    It's clear that many folks, based on the comments of the announcers on the streaming video yesterday for the USMMA - USCGA game, don't realize that "back in the day", that would now be almost 30 years ago, Kings Point biggest rival and games were KP vs. Fort Schyler in any sport we played.

    This owing to the fact of our proximity to each other combined with the similar size and make-up of our student bodies, along with the fact we were and are, both, two of the finest maritime education instutions in the world. This intense rivalry basically translated, in many, many cases, to high mutual respect between graduates after joining the industry and to several excellent collaborations. Also post graduation, many Kings Pointers have gone on to get their Masters Degrees at SUNY Maritime.

    That said the rivalry was very intense in those days and because of the proximty pranks often preceeded contests in the bigger sports like Basketball, etc. Next week the Mariniers will be working take their record to 3-0 against a team who played and lost to D-IA Wagner 41 - 10 this past week after beating their rival Mass maritime in their season opener. The SUNY - Martime Football program is in just their fourth season as a D - III Varsity sport. It'll be an intersting game to see.

    It'll also be interesting to see how the rivalry between these two cross bridge/Sound institutions shapes up now it seems to be getting restarted even though we are in different conferences now ... as well as the fact that in most sports the programs seem to be in different places as well, especially places where "back in the day", the rivalry was biggest.
    * Football - Schyler just restarting their program;
    * Swimming - KP clearly stronger though Schler very good as well;
    * Sailing - Schyler clearly stronger (Lord, that is sooooo painful for me to say/write/admit .... when do we get our new coach? and how I wish we had theirs or that our coach turns out as good as theirs...) :frown:;
    * Ice Hockey - Schyler clearly stronger as KP can't really field a team right now - probably a good thing given the way games used to go in the early 80's

    The only thing both are probably on par with as far as I can tell is LAX and I suspect thoise will be great games to watch. :thumb:

    The other thing that's for certain is the administrations of both schools will no doubt work hard to delay the re-start of the "Prank Wars" between the Cross Sound Rivals as long as possible....:shake:
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    Maritime - KP game

    It should be a very good game. The teams have scrimmaged a couple of times in the past few seasons, and Maritime's program has come a long way in a very short period of time. If you take a look at their football recruits you can see how the program is becoming better.

    I am sure that the Privateers of Maritime will be fired up.

    This will be a big test for KP, but I think the Mariners will come through.
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    Hope to have good news on that very, very soon- and your wish may come true!
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    I am on the Dinghy team as it happened to work out Blaine Pedlow Sunni's coach is now the head dinghy coach.
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    At the USMMA-GCA game Saturday there were 6 of the SUNY football team members sitting behind me taking a look at the KP team. Also, interesting, there is a plebe player on KP who's brother plays on SUNY, so this weekend should be an interesting game.

    GO KP!! BEAT SUNY!!!

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