Knee Injury Question


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Feb 10, 2009
My daughter is a medically qualified Army ROTC scholarship winner.

Unfortunately, she experienced a bone bruise and dime-sized cartilage tear during a sporting event a few weeks ago.

My daughter can now run and exercise well, but she is still experiencing mild knee pain almost daily. As a result, her highly regarded orthopedic surgeon recommends arthoscopic surgery to removed the damaged cartilage, plus microfraction to promote optimum healing. He feels strongly that she will have a very successful recovery.

Fortunately, my daughter has until December to pass the Army PFT to validate her ROTC scholarship - that is, assuming the Army permits her to keep her scholarship after her surgery (good or bad assumption?).

Question: Will DoDMERB change her status to Disqualified as a result of the surgery? If she has a complete recovery in the coming months, is it probable that DoDMERB will change her status back to Qualified?

i had a meninscal repair at NAPS and then again three weeks ago. I had to be cleared by DOMERB again before starting this year and I didn't have any problems with them.
The answer to both questions are yes, but she should notify me...full name and last 4 of SSN:thumb:
Thank you Mr Mullen! We will contact you via email shortly.