Knives at USMA


Jan 4, 2015
So if I'm not mistaken, you can have a knife 4 inches and under during beast at USMA, and I'm assuming larger after A-Day. Is it recommended to have a pocket knife of some sorts with you during beast outside of the one in a multi-tool? After beast, do Cadets have fixed blade knives and such? Any regulations and is it recommended to have stuff of that nature? I'm assuming they're not "weapons" at West Point.
Get a multitool for Beast. I'm not sure why you'd need another knife after that, but I do know of a group of cadets who wear a sgian-dubh with their kilts. It must still be within the cadet regulations (4-6 inches max).
A multi-tool is all you really need. Be careful traveling to WP on R-Day if your flying. They do offer the tools there at the Cadet Store or in town.

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