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Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by theard, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Anyone who has served on ship or shore knows the major effect of food on morale.

    Based on my admittedly limited survey of mids, I think KP has a real problem with food service that has not been addressed by senior management for a very long time.

    Am I mistaken? Are things not as bad as I think they are?
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    I haven't eaten in Delano in a long time, but my thoughts on it are: If you aren't moaning you aren't happy.

    Mids have always complained about the food. Could they do better, probably, could they do a lot worse, absolutely.

    To be honest I'd rather the Academy fix a lot of other things prior to worrying about the food in Delano. As long as it's edible, decent taste, and in enough quantity (which as far as I know are all being satisfied at this time) there are other things at the school that need 'fixin' prior to the food in Delano.
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    kp2001 is spot on. Plus I don't think Kings Point has ever had a cadet die of starvation.. My kid acually gained weight while he was there.

    When you’ve seen 2 year old orphans in Madras India, begging at the foot of your gangway for garbage scraps left over after meals like I have, it gives you a whole different perspective on problems with 'food service' and the 'effects of food on morale'.

    You are mistaken. Things are NOT as bad as you think they are…
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    I would defer to the moderator as far as order of priorities that need attention at the academy, but, from what my ds says, the food situation does affect morale. My mid has speculated it may be due to lack of funding.

    Particularly frustrating is the lack of healthy choices. There are some mids who have reasons for wanting to eat healthy- whether it be weight control or family history, etc.

    There has been quite a bit of press regarding changes made in the Army to its diet,and benefits to personnel were seen within a matter of weeks. While KP is not the Army, perhaps the significance of healthy choices will eventually affect academy food.
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    Feeding several hundred people is in no way easy ... In my years as a mid I saw significant improvement in the food quality. As a plebe, a large percentages of the meals were downright inedible. You learned to live on soup and salad. They also started the "diet" tables which were definitely better quality food. We also went to the cafeteria style for breakfast and dinner with lunch being the only family style meal. The food got better then too.

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