You can't in-process early, but if you have somewhere to stay you could do that. Everyone in-processes the same day and coming early isn't allowed. Access to base isn't restricted, but access to cadet area is only allowed to certain people. I recommend using your leave on whatever you enjoy and if you have a place to stay here, your call on if you want to be in CO early.
Yeah, I'm coming from Spangdahlem so I'm probably going to show up a week early.
Wait what?! @2A755 I'll be in Spangdahlem in a few too! I'm still waiting on the word though :( Does anyone have any news or if any LEAD candidates are still waiting?
Sst1116, here's the LEAD timetable​

- AF IMT 1786 submitted 1 mar (year prior to entry) - 31 dec

- Submit Pre-Candidate Questionaire online at NLT 31 Dec (Airman's responsability)

- Complete Candidate Packages NLT 31 Jan for USAFA direct entry and Prep School consideration

- USAFA provides MAJCOMS list of qualified candidates (for non- Apr
selected airmen, availability code is pulled at this time)

- Airmen can accept/decline until May

NOTE: USAFA will appoint candidates on a rolling basis. Qualified candidates will be appointed on a first-come, first-served basis.
It's recommended that interested airmen complete their application files as soon as possible
Hi everyone, I'm currently wrapping up my application for (hopeful!) 2016 entry, and am really wondering where I will stack up. Currently looking at ACT scores of 22 math, 24 science, 26 english and 27 reading for a composite of 25. HS gpa was 3.58. Feel like I am competitive extra curricular and performance on active duty wise, so academics are definitely my limiting factor. I know my math is pretty low, and I'm planning on re-taking the test, but that's what I've got going for now. I would really appreciate any weigh-ins on here or privately, and also any advice/experiences from those of you who have already applied, or those of us currently in the process.
GPA looks decent for a Prior E.

You definitely need to retake the ACT, maybe even try the SAT.
Can enlisted airmen apply to the other academies (besides air force)?

USNA has an enlisted advisor, usually an E-8 or E-7 Navy senior chief or chief, in Admissions, specifically to help enlisted candidates. I would assume other SAs might have the same.
Read everything on SA Admissions pages, dropdowns, links. Many questions will be answered there, especially about eligibility (age!) and the process. Most enlisted candidates attend the Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) to polish academic skills. Successful completion there brings an appointment to USNA.

Start here: