Oct 9, 2016
Hi everyone. I was wondering if West Point provided laptops for incoming cadets. It's about time I buy a new laptop however I don't want to buy one if westpoint provides them
Yes, they do. Someone with more recent experience will probably post more current specs, but they are standardized (everyone gets the same thing, and they are secured to USMA standards), and they don't "provide" them, they are mandatory and you'll pay for them either through up-front funds or from draws from your cadet pay. More details will come your way as the time approaches. Historically, some cadets bring their own mobile devices for personal usage, not sure any more what the limits are to accessing USMA assets (like you might have to provide your own wifi and hot spot and other stuff). Sorry for the ambiguity, short answer is you'll get one.
DON'T BUY A LAPTOP!!!! Our 2020 was issued a laptop. They require a specific laptop, you must enter your id card with embedded chip to log on and access. Any other laptop will be a paperweight. Most of papers DS submits are electronic, so if you can't access the network from the laptop, your out of luck.
You can still buy a laptop for personal use, but you won't be able to connect it to WP's network. Search back on older threads that discuss this topic for all SA's. Due to network security configurations and concerns about introducing a virus, you generally CANNOT attach your own PC to most company networks. That is true of the military as well as civilian companies.
Part of your second step process, after you received an appointment. You will need to deposit $2000 into your WP account. This money will be used to purchase your "Dell" laptop that will be loaded with the necessary software (WP does have IT support). It will already have a card reader installed to accept your personal CAC (cadet access card). If you can not afford the $2000 dollar deposit they will take monies from your paycheck. There will be two packages available. I would accept the larger package that comes with printer and larger screen. the Cadet store will have all the supplies needed, ink, paper etc.

You will also be required to purchase an Apple iPad. I would suggest to get the cheapest one with out wifi. The iPad is used very little.

I would not recommend bringing a desk or the laptop during your first year.

Oh one more thing. Thumb drives are not allowed on post. Period!

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By the way, each class is supposedly issued a different laptop. For the yearlings they received a laptop which can detach from the keyboard. Yuk..
the 2020's were issued a Dell, not sure what the 2019's got. My DS states the Yuk's don't care for it. Regardless, your DD/DS will get whatever is issued and every cadet will have the same.
I already own an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, is this allowed or will I have to purchase a smaller one?
I already own an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, is this allowed or will I have to purchase a smaller one?
You just need one that can accept custom textbooks and interact w/ the wifi. Mine brought one and it worked just fine.
I already own an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, is this allowed or will I have to purchase a smaller one?
you can bring your own ipad IF it is in the original packaging and IF it has the required memory. Wait for instructions from usma.
For 2021, the ipad purchase options were changed 1 month before beast.
Our plebe has not used his ipad.
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