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Nov 29, 2008
I appreciate the valuable information found here. I am navy thru and thru -spent my childhood across US in navy port cities - waiting for the ship to come back, then navy wife-MSC, now mom of son -as he gets in line for the start of his naval career. We live in northern virginia close to my parents, dad retired. I have shared several of the moderator's excellent, informative explanations - my dad's info is a bit dated - class of '52!
Welcome, larry2013!! I am glad you found us. There are lots of Navy people here! :welcome1:
Not just Northern VA, but the nice McLean off the Orange Line. I'm off of the Yellow/Blue Line.
line in the sand - how did you know we are in mclean? I am not up on metro - so don't know off the top of my head where yellow/blue is - where are you?
notice you are CG - my son is finishing up his supplemental package - has tried emailing the crew contact for info of their crew program - didn't get selected for AIM, but did get a great explanation - that he was qualified, but didn't win in the lottery for slot - was sorry he didn't have the chance to go experience it first hand -