Last Minute DOCUMENT Check List - Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by MasterSpyKiller, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Being an Eagle Scout and an attorney, I probably over-think this stuff. HOWEVER, DS is off to R-Day in 10 days and I am staying here on the West Coast. He's not around the corner so I can't just drop off something needed.

    Not going to weigh in with lists of "stuff" to take, but question about documents. Being the Army and US Government and all that bureaucracy, I am trying to anticipate needs:

    copy of latest vaccinations (USMA Form 5-516; 2 pages)
    copy of blood type lab test result
    copy of Varicella titer result
    original driver's license (or other government ID)
    max $100 cash (mixed bills)
    bank atm/debit card

    copy of completed and submitted E-QIP (security) questionnaire (34 pages)
    copy of birth certificate (original already sent to USMA)
    copy of social security card (already sent to USMA)
    copy of dental xrays
    copy of relevant medical xrays (if needed)
    copy of eyeglass prescription (if needed)

    (I am just mentioning these because I thought about them and decided against it. Maybe someone will see an item here and countermand my conclusion.)

    original passport
    original birth certificate
    original social security card
    copy of entire historical medical file
    sports resume and game films (for sports team tryouts)
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    As a proud dad of a Rising Yearling I would suggest you make sure he has the required paperwork for R-Day. You can keep the other stuff handy and once Beast is over bring the other stuff if he feels he may need it to A-Day (I highly recommend you make it to A-Day) or mail it to him. But during Beast he is not going to need it and it could get lost during re-organization. FYI - I over thought all this as well. Welcome to being a Plebe parent! Take deep breaths and realize the number one thing you can do to help your DS is allow him to vent to you when he needs to. Don't react, just be there for him to vent. You will be the only pressure relief valve he has for the next 9 months so be the best you can be at letting him exhaust himself, then add a few encouraging words and get ready for the next round.
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    Make sure you bring his airfare receipt and a copy of the hotel bill for reimbursement
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    Do not send any of the items on your "Do Not Bring List"--they are not necessary and will most likely get lost and will be a major hassle to replace. I don't know about the athletic films etc--but my gut feeling is to bring it along on A-day and let DS decide what he would like to do with them as he will have a somewhat better idea (not much) of what attending usma and playing sports may entail. He will be required to play in intramural sports each semester and he may find that being a "slug" is A-OK.:biggrin:
    Also, it looks like you have the right idea about not sending DS with a bunch of stuff. His biggest items will be his boots and low quarters (which he can wear on the flight). Pack in a gym bag-not a huge one-or back pack. I sent my DS with a small gym bag with his running shoes, extra boots, and not much else.
    Good luck
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    I like your categories and how you have laid out the documents - well done! We noticed on the official "Recommended Items to Bring" list at the bottom the suggestion to bring copies of dental x-rays. Since we sent the bite wings to USMA already (and DS has a green check mark) we weren't sure if we needed to pursue this item. Because I'm an Eagle Scout too and want DS to be prepared - we will be sending him with another copy of dental x-rays for R-Day. If he doesn't need them - they can get tossed or lost, which ever happens first.
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    I have a son in the Class of 2015 who just earned his Airborne Wings at Fort Benning, GA.

    I was one of those parents last year that made a detailed study of all sources to try to determine the "perfect and complete" list of things to provide to your New Cadet for Beast Barracks.

    My son and his roommates told me that those things are nice but NOT ESSENTIAL. You are issued everything you need or can get items you need after R-Day.

    Their advice-relax and just get what is on the list WP provides.

    The MOST IMPORTANT things to have are boots and shoes.
    that fit perfectly and are completely broken-in,

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