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Jan 14, 2007
Well I've been waiting for my medical stuff to pass and it has taken forever. Most of it just cleared up, and I'm just waiting on my flat feet (Pes Planus) to clear which army and air force ROTC have already passed with no problems. However, I'm starting to worry that it's getting to late for me to get an appointment to USMA. My admissions officer told me that I'm qualified and everything, it's just that my medical has taken so long to be looked at we are unsure of whether a slot is going to still be open for me... that's still if my flat feet pass. I'm get extremely anxious!!

Has anyone been accepted really late in past years or is still waiting this year?? I'm just concerned I'm out of time and will have to start the process all over again and hope for next year. Any advice??
It is getting late but don't give up all hope yet. Our local Field Force has told us of some candidates getting their offer as late as a week before R-day. Once USMA knows how many people decline their offers, they can send out some more.

Don't give up just yet, but I hope you have a plan B. Good luck!
Yeah- I just don't want to wait to find out that late!!! But trust me, that would still be one of the happiest days of my life!! I def have a plan B. I'll be attending Eastern Illinois University on a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and I am also being recruited for swimming. I'll re-apply to USMA next year though!!

Quick question for you though. How many cadets in years passed have gotten offers the week before R-Day? I always remember hearing stories and reading about people getting calls in the weeks and days before R-Day. I'm trying to remain positive!! Thanks!!
I haven't heard any exact numbers on how many have received offers the week before R-day, they implied that it is small number though. I know that candidates have to accept or decline their appointment by May 1st. Depending on how many decline, there could still be some names that come off the waiting list in May.

Army ROTC is a great backup plan. That is the same plan B my son had.
As long as you haven't gotten a rejection letter you are still in the hunt, but you may need to have a good plan B. From what I can tell, the number of kids that get a "late appointment" varies from year to year. If the yield rate was high for the Class of 2011, meaning they had more kids accept appointments by May 1st than the Admissions Office anticipated based on a statistical model, there may be very few, if any, late appointments. I don't believe that there were any late appointments last year. On the other hand, in other years, there are stories of kids getting appointments the week before R Day.

If you have a good relationship with your MALO or someone in the Admissions Office you might ask them how the yield rate for the Class of 2011 compares with other years and what number you are on the National Wait List. You might also ask if there is any possibility that you could get an AOG scholarship to one of the AOG approved schools, which dramatically improves your chances of admission for the class of 2012.

Good luck!