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    I've been doing research online and read about the LEAD program. I'm currently in the DEP waiting to go to bmt any time in January or February. I am very interested in the lead program I'm highly motivated and would love to be apart of it, my question is if I should mention to my recruiter I'm interested in it or if I should wait till I am done and what my process will be? Any help would be amazing.
    Thank you
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    I wouldn't bother mentioning it to your recruiter. It will not influence your enlistment process in any way whatsoever especially if you are already in the DEP and are anticipating a job drop.

    Applying through LEAD is just like applying as a civilian except you only need your commander's nomination rather than a Congressional one. Check out the Academy Admissions website for information about applying through LEAD. Once you've gone through BMT (and most likely tech school), you can also check with your base education office for more information.

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