LEAD Questions


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Aug 11, 2017
Hi I'm an A1C with the AZANG and I have some questions on the probability of getting accepted.
My form 1786 or whatever is it was signed by an 0-6. Also have a Lt Col vouching for me (with the portal stuff) . Also a letter of reccomindation from another Lt col and a major. Will all these aid me to get accepted ? SOS
Hello, Viper21.

It's not all about rank. A commander's endorsement on the 1786 is just that, a commander's endorsement. Some bases require endorsements to come from the Wing Commander. Others may only require a Group or Squadron level signature. The rank of the endorsing commander (which replaces your nomination) probably doesn't impact the admissions process much. As for your ALO, that is a volunteer gig. It's likely just coincidence that your ALO happens to be a Lt Col. Admissions won't look at the rank of the ALO and let that influence their decision. However, a Lt Col may be a bit more experienced at putting together packages which would obviously be to your advantage.

As for the letters of recommendation, I strongly believe that these should come from first line supervisors who can speak to your level of responsibility, initiative, work ethic, etc from experience. These types of interactions usually don't happen between a Maj-A1C or LtCol-A1C (depending on the career field).

You ask the question, "Will these aid me to get accepted?". My answer is maybe. There's really not much more we can say.
Thanks man another question, for prior E's what is the weight requirement? Is it AD Air Force standards or Academy standards ? I'm 6'1 so what's the weight ?