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    Hey! So I recently received my candidate kit and I am filling out the basic forms and starting the 0-878 before I schedule my CFA, but I was hoping to gain some insight from airmen or anyone who knows anything about the LEAD program and the chances of being picked up for it; I don't own the strongest academic record, but my admissions counselor was able to open a kit for me. My academic stats looks something like this:

    HS GPA: 3.43
    2-part SAT: 1010 (460 Math, 550 CR/Writing)

    I was a DG in tech school, airman leader, and I am currently involved in many base-wide activities such as honor guard, junior enlisted council, Hispanic heritage committee, PT leader, & AFSA (Sergeants Association). I was also able to secure an LOR (recommendation of course haha) from my base commander--I don't know if my chances are strong, but I feel like I must AT LEAST try because the most they can tell me is "NO". Any response will be appreciated, thanks much!
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    One thing from your record...take the SAT again AFTER preparing for it.

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