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Nov 2, 2012
DS finally completed AFROTC LEAD. This has been a saga. He is an Electronical and Computer Engineering major. His freshman semester was great and ended with a 3.5 gpa. He looked at the remaining schedule of 21 credit hours per semester for the next 3 years and requested, and was granted, a semester extension. His first semester of his sophmore went really well, and he got an EA slot, but his second semester he had a rough go and that semester gpa was below 2.5 and lost the EA slot. His ROTC detachment requested, and was granted, a waiver for him to attend field training his junior year conditional on good grades. He had a very siccessful junior year and was granted another EA slot. Then 2 days before he was supposed to fly out for field training his junior year, he had to have an emergency appendectomy and could not attend field trianing. His detachment requested another waiver that was granted due to the fact that he would still have another semester after his senior year. He just completed LEAD. This was all possible due to a really well run ROTC Detachment, lots of communication between my DS and his chain of command as well as honest, hard work and obvious dedication to graduation and commissioning. It has been stressful watching him navigate through this as well as ensuring that I wasn't "that parent" who was trying to run his life by calling the detachment. In the end, things my not go exactly as you plan. As in most cases, hard work and up front, effective communication goes a long way.