Leadership Opportunities?


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Dec 26, 2017
Hello, my name is Adrian and I'm currently a junior in high school. I'm highly interested in attending the CGA. It is one of my dreams. However, I am concerned with having a strong leadership portion when I apply. I believe i'm academically competitive but I lack somewhat in extracurriculars. Currently, I am mainly a member of clubs rather than leading in them; however, I have had prior work experience with teaching children how to swim and for a small portion of gymnastics. One of the other programs that I am helping with is AP mentoring where I tutor/help students with their academics. Would activities such as these fall under leadership? If not, what are some ways that I could bolster the leadership section before I apply? Thank you all and have a blessed day!
Look into getting into Boys State. It is a program during the summer, between junior and senior year, for about a week that helps in the leadership category.

I completely agree with Boys State. My DS already had a big background in leadership, getting into BS took him even further. He learned so much and he loved every minute of his experience there. At least once a week he STILL talks about everything he gained in that short week. In fact, he even gets to go back again this summer as he was elected Lieutenant Governor for our state (though he wishes now he had run for president, lol!)

Remember, too, there are many paths to leadership that may not always stand out. Athletes will soon be training for Special Olympics Summer Games- get involved in coaching (believe me, the rewards are immeasurable, your heart will grow two sizes.) Give a talk to a local FFA or 4H group about something you know about and love. Do you know how to cook or do other Home Economics type things? Offer to lead a class for other young people as HomeEc isn't much of the curriculum in many schools these days (if you don't' already- one of the best ways to learn something is to know you have to teach about it- you'll learn really well if you know you have to teach it.) In band or orchestra? Figure out how to lead an ensemble (trio, quartet, quintet) for a demonstration. Initiate something!

One of the best and biggest things you can do in implementing your own leadership opportunities is show your initiating things. Leaders are starters, they are not sit-on-your-hands-and-waiters.

My DS says: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Go out there, put yourself out there, be a dork, dance in front of the student body, help make your school's talent show something bigger, better and more!

Finally, do things that are in your heart- something that is important to you. It will show through if you are just trying to pad your resume. Along those same lines, though, be sure you TRY lots of new things- you don't know if you are good at something unless you give it a whack!

Aim high, kiddo- even if you miss, you will land among the stars! You can do this, I believe in you!
If the CGA is specifically your SA of choice then you should apply to their AIM summer program. The application process for this is coming up for current juniors so go to the USCGA website and look it up. You apply right through the website. My DS did apply and did attend this past summer. Participation in AIM falls under the leadership category and, if anything else, certainly it will solidify as to whether the CGA is right for you. It was an amazing experience for my DS.

Look on the recent thread about the stats from this year's (class of 2022) from EA. You will see a large percentage of appointment offers were past AIM participants. And in case you are wondering...yes my DS applied EA and was offered his full appointment this year as an AIM participant. Good luck!