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Nov 29, 2008
Does anybody have any suggestions for leadership activities outside of high school and high school sports teams?
I had alot with JROTC.

Remember, you can organize your own event and lead it. Just get a group of friends to clean up trash somewhere and you got yourself a leadership position, community service, and initiative all in one event.

It would be even better if you begin your own official group. There are always eco-friendly students at every school that would be willing to join.
Church youth groups often have opportunities for leadership - mission trips, leading groups of younger children in Vacation Bible School or on retreats. etc.

If you are involved in any kind of community service activities, ask to be in charge of something. Your school counselor may have a list of opportunities outside of school.

Also, check into attending Boy's or Girl's State in summer after Jr. year. Your school counselor should have information and our state's program has a website so you might check for your state. If you are able to attend, it's worth lots of points with the academies.
Ahhhh....Boys' State....now THERE are some memories. That was quite the week.

That's actually what got be even thinking about the military.