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    Hello all! I 'm currently a junior and in the process of applying to USNA. I have had a couple of leadership positions this year, but the bulk of all of my leadership would be next year; I was elected president of Key Club, am the co-overall chair for Mini-THON, and am running for NHS president. Since all of these are for my senior year, would it still look as favorable even though senior year hasn't happened yet?
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    Nearly all of my significant leadership positions on began during senior fall. I simply submitted the Candidate Activities Record later in the fall so my counselor could confirm the positions. This is why I don't think it always make sense to try and submit everything so soon.
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    ^^ I agree, there is no advantage to rushing to submit your application. Things can be updated as you go, but the same criteria is used to determine who is 3Q regardless of whether you are the first or last person to apply.

    As it relates to 'leadership' that USNA is interested in, make sure your can clearly describe what you actually did/accomplished in those roles. If you were simply voted into a job that has no real responsibilities, that certainly counts for less than positions where you actually did something.
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