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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by proudmama, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Okay, I have spent quite some time on the forums here this week and I am learning GOBS! (but I am still a newbie)

    Thanks everyone...

    Just to see if I am getting this right....

    With a LOA in hand, IF the requirements on the LOA are met the appointment is certain (this of course includes the nomination by the MOC).

    The nominations a MOC does come in the form of a list.

    The first name on the list is FOR SURE getting a nomination? What about the rest of the list?

    The remaining names on the MOC list go on some other list, (the National List?), but if any of those remaining names on the MOC list have LOA's they will receive an appointment for sure?

    If you get a nomination and a LOA do you have an action to take or does the appointment appear magically at your door? in mail? via phone? via email?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Yes. :thumb:

    There are three ways the MOC can list their nominations. For an great explanation of the nomination process check this out: http://www.west-point.org/academy/malo-wa/educators/noms.html. You would have to ask the MOC which method he/she uses.
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    The first name on the list is getting a nomination, as is the last name on the list.

    All ten names on the list are getting nominations.

    The goal is getting an appointment, not just the nomination. :thumb:
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    As far as we can see, a vast majority of MOC's put their 10 nominees (per academy) in no particular order, other than maybe alphabetical. Once the academy in question receives those 10 names, they (the Academy) then decides who of those 10, if any, will recieve an Appointment. If it's been said once on this forum, its been said a hundred times: A nomination DOES NOT mean an appointment AND an LOA DOES NOT mean a nomination.

    However, if all other contingencies (ie CFA, Dodmerb cleared, etc..) have been met:
    LOA + Nomination = Appointment (Done Deal)

    At least this is how I haved leraned from this forum of how it goes.

    Hope it helps
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    One secret people are loathe to state on these boards is that if you have an LOA, the academy will insure that you get a nomination. You are being recruited, but don't act like it!

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